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Roof It Like It’s Hot: Brace for a Hailstorm of Knowledge

Let’s face it: storm damage is a real pain in the roof. Any resident of Rockdale, TX will testify that hail is one of the biggest culprits of commercial roof storm damage. According to a riveting piece in the Journal of Architectural Engineering, these frozen menaces from the sky account for an icy $1 billion in commercial roof damages every year. At NewRuf, we aim to smooth over this chilling reality with our storm restoration services. But what could be lurking on your rooftop post-tempest? Let’s dig into commercial roofing solutions and gear up for some storm damage restoration initiatives.

A Slippery Slope: Unmasking Your Vulnerable Roof

Commercial roofs, especially those that are flat or low-slope structures, are particularly exposed to storm damage. And why is that, you ask? The answer lies in their large surface area that’s directly at the mercy of Mother Nature’s mood swings. The National Roofing Contractors Association warns that water ponding – an unwanted gift left behind by robust storms- can wear down roofing materials ahead of their time and trigger damaging leaks if not promptly addressed. This calls for some nifty hail damage repair and thorough commercial building maintenance.


If left unchecked, these leaks become a silent assassin for the structural integrity of your roof, gradually causing serious damage that’s expensive to repair. Hence, roof leak repair can never be emphasized enough in your storm damage restoration playbook.


However, water ponding is only half the battle. Hail, like the uninvited guest that won’t leave, wreaks substantial havoc on your commercial roof. The National Severe Storms Laboratory states that hail storms often birth significant dents or fissures in your roofing material. This makes your roof more prone to future damage during the next storm front, and if these signs of damage are not promptly repaired, can result in serious leaks. So, when it comes to commercial roofing solutions, hail damage repair is a frontline defense.

Defying The Elements: Your Guide to Storm Damage Restoration

A tempest may have rattled your roof, but don’t let it rob you of your peace of mind. NewRuf offers comprehensive storm restoration services to help restore your roof and ensure your business continuity.


When a weather event hits, the resulting roof damage may require immediate attention. Emergency roof repairs come to your aid, delivering quick fixes that prevent further damage and protect your investment. From stopping leaks to securing loose materials, these services play an essential role in maintaining your roof’s integrity.

FAQs to Weather the Storm

What are the signs of storm damage on a commercial roof?

Signs of storm damage may include standing water, visible dents or cracks from hail impact, granule loss from shingles, torn or missing shingles, and leaks inside the building.

How often should a commercial roof be inspected for storm damage?

Commercial roofs should ideally be examined at least twice a year – once after the harshest weather season and then six months later as a routine checkup. However, inspections should also be carried out immediately after significant weather events to assess and repair any potential storm damage.

What’s involved in commercial roofing solutions?

Commercial roofing solutions ideally comprise routine inspections, professional maintenance, immediate repair for leaks, replacements when necessary, and routine cleaning to prevent buildup of debris.

Pro Tips to Strengthen Your Roof’s Storm-Defense Playbook

Here are some handy tips for commercial building maintenance:

1. Schedule routine inspections with professionals.

2. Keep your gutters clean to ensure proper water drainage.

3. Get minor damages repaired promptly to prevent further damage.

4. Consider adding a protective layer to your roof to shield it from hail and wind.

5. Ensure proper insulation and ventilation to defend against moisture and heat.

So, there you have it: your hail of a guide to commercial roof storm damage repair. As unnerving as battling a storm can be, equipped with the right knowledge, professional help, and comprehensive commercial roofing solutions, you can restore not just your roof, but your peace of mind too. Remember, when hail breaks loose, NewRuf has got you covered!

Wrapping up the Roof Rumble

In the aftermath of a storm, your roof may be a battlefield, but fear not. Using top-notch hail damage repair and storm restoration services, you can nurse it back to health. From roof leak repair to emergency roof repairs, the journey to recovery can be swift, ensuring your business sails smoothly through tumultuous weather. So, when the clouds gather and the hail descends, remember this guide and know that NewRuf is just a call away, ready to assist with your commercial roof storm damage repair.


Table of Contents

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