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We Make the Insurance Claim Process Easy in Hutto & Central Texas

Whether it is a residential or a commercial property, at New Rüf, we are committed to ensuring your roof is restored correctly and efficiently. Our expertise extends beyond mere roofing; we work diligently to ensure that insurance companies account for all necessary components to build a roof system that not only complies with local building codes but also aligns with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

By adhering to these standards, we ensure that your roof is not just built to last, but also qualifies you for the manufacturer’s warranty. Say goodbye to the complications of insurance claims and trust in our expertise to guide you through the process seamlessly.

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Thorough Documentation of Your Roof Repair

Thorough Documentation of Your Roof Repair When working with us for your roofing insurance claim in Central Texas, you can be sure we'll provide detailed reports and photos for submission. We'll also provide the invoice for any form of roofing repair work we do. We'll have all the documentation you need for conversations with the insurance adjuster. Using our services as a homeowner is a sure way to avoid costly misses after storms damage your roof.

Clear Itemized Estimates of All Repairs

Itemized estimates on roof repairs help you avoid hidden fees. It also makes evaluating your claims easier for the insurance company. As your roofing contractor, we will only include repairs relevant to the roof damage in the estimate. We won't provide a price estimate for a new roof if you only need funds for repairs. This is because bogus estimates will make the insurance adjuster more defensive. If they spot any remaining funds in the estimate, they will likely request a review of your submission to see if you broke the law in any other way.

Communication with Your Insurance Adjuster

Your insurance company may decide to reach out to you, seeking clarification on the job details. We'll be there for you, ready to discuss the damage to the roof and all necessary repairs or why you need to replace it. We'll send a roofer to discuss details like the money, materials, project schedule, and more.

Accurate Filing of Insurance Claim Paperwork

With so many forms to fill out during an insurance claim, it can be easy to miss out on certain important paperwork. With our extensive experience in insurance claims filing, we can double-check your paperwork for you. We'll also let you know the documents to keep handy for every interaction with the insurance adjuster. As a local contractor that has completed this process countless times, we never miss a thing. Reduced Risk of Future Insurance Claims As experts in storm damage restoration, we won't make mistakes that could lead to roofing problems down the line. It's hard to get a second claim approved and to draw a line from the first damage to the second one. Therefore, it's in your best interest to work with a contractor that will get the roof restoration right the first time.

General Advice on the Process

How much deductible do you need to pay? What is the best way to use the first check? When will the final check come in? We can answer these questions and more. Our services also include reviewing any form or invoice from the insurance company before you sign the dotted lines.

NewRüf for Hassle-Free Insurance Claims in Hutto

You’ll find dozens of companies and individuals offering to replace your roofing and handle your roof insurance claim. However, not many have extensive experience working with all insurance companies in the area.
With our deep industry knowledge, we can handle your claim from start to completion. We’ll save you from long conversations with the insurance company and help you get the best deal possible for your roof repair or replacement project.

5 Step Insurance Process

Welcome to our (almost) stress-free insurance restoration process.

Step 1 – Inspection

After your home experiences damage, we will come out to your property and do a complete inspection of the structure. To accurately assess the entire home, our specialist will inspect every inch of your roof. Our specialist will check all of the following areas for damage.
Roof – Garage
Interior – Windows
Gutters – Fence
Attic – Decks
Gutters and Downspouts – etc.
Siding AC Coils

Step 2 – Proprietary NewTek 360 Damage Report

Once our specialist has thoroughly assessed your home’s damage, he or she will complete a NewTek 360 damage report. This report will include a full rundown of all of the damage that has occurred to your home. The specialist will also take photos and videos of the damage, which can be submitted to your insurer as proof of damage.

Step 3 – Dealing with the Insurance Company

(If there is any stress, this where it shows up.) After we have inspected your property, assessed the damage, and completed our proprietary NewTek360 form for your home, we provide you with the information and tools needed for you to deal with the insurance company. You simply call them and file a claim. When they send an adjuster to complete an inspection, one of our specialists can be there to discuss the damage with the adjuster. We can also answer any questions you may have about dealing with the insurance company. Further, we provide historical storm data and damage reports which can help to support your claim.

Step 4 – Project Planning and Completion

Once the insurance company has approved the claim, the next step is for us to plan the project with you. This involves discussing the exact repairs that will be made, choosing the materials, picking colors, laying out a timeline, etc. After that, NewRüf.com will complete the project using the utmost professionalism in a timely manner.

Step 5 – Enjoy Your NewRüf!

Once we are done with the work on your roof, your roof will be as good as new. What a relief! We know how difficult it can be to deal with roofing issues, and we are sensitive to that throughout the whole process. It is our goal to return your home to normal as soon as possible, and we genuinely care about our clients. Your satisfaction is our highest priority If you have recently experienced damage to your roof and if you need help with the restoration process, then please feel free to Get in Touch with NewRüf.com today!
Your satisfaction is our highest priority
If you have recently experienced damage to your roof and if you need help with the restoration process, then please feel free to Get in Touch with New Rüf today!

25 Point Inspection – HITEK Inspection

We conduct a thorough property inspection of your home or your commercial building to determine the damage to the following:





Rain gutters and downspouts

Window screens

Garage doors


Window screens

We will provide you with a NEWTEK 360 report with videos and photos, which may later be submitted to your insurance company.

Choose NewRüf for a Smooth

Stress-Free, Roof Insurance Claim in central texas

We’re the roofing contractor you can trust to represent your best interests throughout the roof insurance claims process. We understand how demanding the insurance roof claims filing process can be, so we go the extra mile to make it as stress-free as possible for you.
That’s the NewRüf difference.
With our assistance, the interactions with insurance adjusters will feel less draining. We’ll also increase your chances of getting the financing you need for your roof restoration project.
End your search for “roofing insurance claim near me.”
Call us at NewRüf Roofing & Restoration today at (512) 759-8758 when you need help with the insurance adjuster in Central Texas. Join other local customers in enjoying peace of mind after wind or hail damage to your roof.