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Professional Roof Inspection Services in central texas

The Most Comprehensive Inspection for Every Roof Surface in Central Texas

It is crucial to get a meticulous roof inspection in Central Texas after the many winter storms and hurricanes that have impacted the area over the past several years. Many homeowners have an urgent need for roof repairs but do not realize it.

Before building owners start a new roofing project, whether it be a roof replacement or repair, they must hire a professional roofing inspector. 

New property owners and prospective homebuyers should likewise avail themselves of a professional roof inspector from our team at NewRüf.

What Do Professional Roof Inspection Services Include?

As a full-service roofing company, we inspect all kinds of roofs. We understand roofing systems and have developed our roofing inspection process to focus on the roofing material and elements of roofing systems that develop wear over time.
Roof components that are at risk for breakdown and damage include:

The drip edge

Skylights and other roof accessories

Vents, which could also clog and break

The fascia, which is a component of the roof beneath the shingles at the edge of the roof

Gutters and downspouts, which become clogged or bent as a result of storms and wind-blown debris.

The underlayment, which could be vulnerable to leaks if the surface layers of your roof system fails to protect it from the elements

Roof shingles that rot or fall off, particularly shingles at the edge of the roof that contact gutters

Scheduling an inspection with our team keeps your roofing system at its best and lets you know when it is time to repair your current roof.

Qualities of the Best Roofing Contractors

How can you tell NewRüf’s roofing inspectors will do a better job inspecting your roofing system than any other contractor in the Central Texas area? We have years of experience conducting regular inspections, and we exceed the most stringent industry standards for completeness and diligence.

Using Drones for HITEK Roof Inspections

One of our latest innovations is using aerial drones to conduct visual inspections to determine whether there are any roofing problems, such as:

Water stains

Missing shingles

Split shingles

Damage to vent pipes

Attic and top floor leaks

Drones allow us to view your roofing system from all angles more safely and efficiently than if we sent a team of inspectors onto your roof. With drone inspections, we catch problems that other roofing companies might miss.

Plan for Repair Work and Preventive Maintenance

In addition to our inspections, we also carry out other roofing services, including repairs and replacement. If we determine that your roof has sustained damage, we can help you fix it or get an affordable new roof.

Unlike some contractors that offer repair services and roof inspections in Central Texas, we won’t try to pressure you into taking advantage of our services. Once we have finished our thorough inspection, we will be glad to discuss your options with you at no additional cost. You won’t have any obligation to hire us for any other roofing service, but we will gladly offer you an estimate for temporary repairs, long-term repair work, or a total roof replacement.

NewRüf Stands Out Among Professionals

Sadly, many homeowners and business owners experience roof failures, leaks, and extensive property damage because they neglected regular roof inspections. People wait until the warning signs become obvious, but by then, water has seeped past the shingles and compromised the roof’s structural integrity.

Don’t let this happen to you. If a storm struck your area recently or you had your roof inspected several years ago, call us today. Our outstanding roof inspection services have helped countless homeowners and businesses avoid having to pay for roof repair and replacement services.

Choose our team at NewRüf to carry out an inspection of your roof before the damage gets worse or the next storm comes to town. To schedule a professional roof inspection in Williamson County, Milan County, and Travis County or to learn more about our services, call (512) 642-6005 today!

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