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Emergency Roof Repair Services in Central Texas

Has your roofing suffered some damage in a storm? Request emergency roof repair services from the experts.

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Roofing emergencies bring additional problems like water damage and mold growth. Your roofing is there to protect your home from the elements. So, when it sustains significant damage from storms or hail, it exposes your home to harsh weather conditions.

Our team at New Rüf Roofing & Restoration is always ready to ensure swift repairs for emergency damage. We are the Central Texas storm damage repair company you can count on when you need immediate repairs.

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Types of Roof Damage

As the top choice for emergency roof repair in Central Texas, we’ve seen it all when it comes to storm-related roofing emergencies. Below are some types of damage we see when people call us for emergency roof repairs.

Impact Damage

Trees around your property are a threat when a storm hits. Fallen branches can leave holes in your roof. In more serious cases where whole trunks crash onto your roof, you may need more than just emergency roof repair. Such heavy branches can negatively affect your home's structural integrity. We provide emergency roof tarping for homeowners that experience this type of roof damage. The tarp will provide some cover from the elements as you work with the insurance company and roofers on emergency repairs. We are also the emergency roofing contractor to depend on if your roof is beyond repair and you need an emergency roof replacement. Lightning Damage Lightning strikes on your roof can cause fires on certain roof materials. As your local Texas emergency roofing company, we can help you repair the burnt area quickly and efficiently.

Hail Damage

Damage from hail is not always as obvious as tree trunks or heavy branches crashing onto your roof. It usually takes a professional roof inspection to spot the damage. However, you need to keep in mind that hailstones can leave dents in your roofing, cause shingle granule loss, dislodge gutters, and more. You need to schedule emergency roof repair for any of these concerns to prevent more severe damage to your roofing system over time. If you can find signs of hail-related damage elsewhere, your roof has likely sustained damage. Call an emergency roofer for a thorough assessment of the level of damage. Severe granule loss ignored long enough can cause a roof leak in a few months. An emergency roof repair contractor can spot the shingle granules in gutters and around your landscaping. We send emergency roofing contractors equipped for a thorough roof inspection during emergency repair visits following a hail storm.

Roof Leaks

A leaking roof is one of the first signs of roof damage. In many cases, the damage occurred long before the storm. However, storms can exacerbate natural wear and existing roof problems causing leaks. If you have roof leaks after a storm, don't fret. Our emergency roofing experts can quickly pinpoint the source of the leak and stop it permanently. Our roof inspection and emergency roofing repairs team excels at stopping water leaks in one visit.

Wind Damage

The high winds that follow storms can lead to a roof repair emergency by loosening roofing shingles and tiles. Extreme winds can also damage your gutters and flashing or dislodge them, leaving your roof at risk of water damage. Some people believe a flat roof can withstand wind pressure better because sloped roofs have more surface area for the winds to act on. However, that's a myth. Powerful winds can cause structural damage to both sloped and flat roofs, leaving owners in need of emergency services. Our roofing contractors can provide the urgent roof repairs you need to prevent further damage. Our emergency roofing services team can replace missing shingles and reposition misaligned gutters, flashing, vent stacks, and other similar roofing components. We are the experts to count on when storm winds hit your home and when you want to prevent further property damage. If our roof inspections show you need a new roof, we are the roofing specialists to depend on for roof replacement.

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At NewRüf, we understand how hard it is to find a trustworthy emergency roofer in Texas when you need one urgently. It’s even more difficult when you’re trying to stay within budget and avoid significant expenses. 

That’s why we’ve put together some of the best emergency roofers in the area. You can count on us when disaster strikes and you need urgent repair services. We can send a roofing professional to your home on short notice with the roofing materials to repair your damaged roof quickly.

Don’t waste time searching for a Central Texas emergency roofing company when roof emergencies hit. Call us at NewRüf Roofing & Restoration at (512) 642-6005 when you have a roofing emergency.

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