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Round Rock Roofer Explains Warranties

Roof Warranty Types

Manufacturer Warranty

Most material manufacturers offer warranties against manufacturer or component defects. Manufacturers like GAF perform a great deal of rigorous testing on all of their roofing systems. These tests determine warranty and roof lifespans. Because of this, they are very specific about the materials components, and installation procedures used to build the roof. Deviation from the installation procedures or roofing system components result in a voided warranty for the entire roof.

Roofer Warranty

Manufacturer warranties only cover the materials. Installation costs are determined by your roofer. Round Rock roofers often include their own warranty programs to provide homeowners additional protection against roof defects. It is important to note that for homeowners to truly be protected by any kind of warranty, they need both the manufacturer warranty and the roofer’s workmanship warranty.

Roof Warranty Terms


Lifetime warranties will cover the roofing system components for the lifetime of the roof. Usually, the lifetime is measured by the roof’s intended lifespan, home-ownership length, or life of the homeowner.


Prorated warranties cover the materials of the roof for a limited time. These warranties usually include full replacement for a specific time and then taper off as the roof ages until the warranty expires. This means the homeowner may be on the hook for some material replacement costs before the full warranty expires.


Some manufacturers offer transferable warranties that will maintain coverage after a home or property is sold to another owner, is passed down to future generations, or is gifted. Transferable warranties are ideal for homeowners looking to buy or sell their home in the near future.

Roof Warranty Lengths

1 Year

1 Year warranties are typically found for common roof repairs and the most basic of roof systems. These lengths are designed to prolong the inevitable or provide a quick solution.

10 Year

10 Year warranties are typically found on lower tier roofing systems. They provide a measurable amount of protection for a generation of home ownership.

50-100 Year

Longer term warranties are designed to give multi-generational coverage. There are many 100 year roofs performing well today because of manufacturer design and routine maintenance. Be sure to consult with your Round Rock roofer on the specific warranty terms and conditions. This will be a guide to your roof’s performance life that you can actually measure.