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Affordable Residential Roofing
in Kyle, TX

Enjoy sturdy, quality residential roofing while staying within your budget. Our experts are ready to help you start your next roofing project in Kyle, TX.

Raising the Roof

The Pie Capital of Texas certainly deserves just as many roof options as pie options, and NewRüf provides just that. 

Residential homeowners and commercial property managers in Kyle have countless options when it comes to roof material, type, and shape. Additionally, we offer value-adding components like solar power options, rainwater collection, and more.

Types of Roofs in Kyle, TX

Kyle residents can choose from composition (shingle) roofs, metal roofs, slate roofs, tile roofs, and flat/low slope roofs. Environmentally friendly features, like solar panels, are also a great option because of the bright Texas sun. If you’re interested in solar panels, we recommend a metal roof because of its versatility and durability.


When repairing a roof, it is incredibly important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines exactly. Kyle homeowners and property managers can rest assured that their roofs will be in great hands with the NewRüf team. Our experts will always make sure to repair, not replace if it can be helped. A quality roof repair now can prevent an expensive replacement down the road.


Emergencies happen, and we know the unpredictable weather in Central Texas can cause them. Whether the severe weather is wind-driven rain, hail, or high winds, NewRüf can help. Emergency roofing in Kyle typically involves tarping and temporary leak fixes while the weather settles. Once the conditions have lessened in severity and it is safe to do so, we’ll perform a full repair.


Regular roof maintenance can save you so much stress and money in the long run. When you have scheduled maintenance checks, it can extend the lifespan of your roof, prevent larger repairs, and make your building look newer for longer. You should always schedule an inspection after a severe weather event, like a hailstorm, to ensure you haven’t incurred any damage.

So Easy...
"The process was straight forward and so easy to understand. Mike and his team know what customer service really means."
"I just wanted to say thanks to Chris. His inspection found several issues with our building's roof that we didn't even know were there. He really saved us from a complete replacement."
"When our home was getting hammered in the last storm, you guys were the only ones that responded. You were accessible and helped us in the middle of the storm."
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