Elevating Standards, Exceeding Expectations

The Source of Most Roofing Repairs

However, even though many different natural events can cause damage to roofs, there is another cause of roofing damage that many homeowners are not aware of: poor workmanship by roofers.

Bad roofers are a leading cause of roof damage, and if you hire a cheap or inexperienced contractor who does not know what he or she is doing, then you could find yourself dealing with a lot of roof problems in the near future.

Common Mistakes Made by Bad Roofers

Poor Shingle Installation

Shingles need to be installed properly in order to prevent leaks and other issues from occurring. So, if a low-quality roofer misaligns the shingles, does not allow enough overhang, puts too much space between the shingles, etc., it can cause a lot of issues. This is an extremely common problem that is created by bad roofers.

Poor Gutter Installation 

Gutters need to be installed correctly in order for them to work properly. However, many inexperienced roofers either allow them to sag too low, or do not put them at the right angle. Gutters are designed to make water flow downhill to a drain pipe and then shoot out away from the house. However, if the gutters are not installed correctly, then the water can end up pooling in the gutter and then backing up into your home which can cause water damage. This is another mistake that many low quality roofers make.

No Leak Barrier

Leak barriers are supposed to be installed in all of the roof’s most vulnerable areas. For example, they are supposed to be installed in the roof’s vertical walls, eaves, valleys, and chimneys. However, despite this fact, many roofers neglect this step in order to complete the job faster. This can result in a lot of damage, which has to then be fixed by a better roofer or roofing company.

Starter Problems

Laying down a starter section of shingles at the eaves of the roof is an important preliminary measure that should be done before the rest of the roofing job is completed. Roofers who do not do this can risk creating water infiltration problems. This is another roofer-caused problem that is extremely common and can result in a lot of damage.


Hiring a low quality roofing contractor to do your roofing job is oftentimes a very poor decision. This is because low quality roofers often make many of the mistakes above and more. If even one of these mistakes is made, then it can result in a large amount of damage occurring to your roof, and you having to pay a better quality roofing company to fix it. Instead, you are better off just hiring a great quality roofing company, such as NewRuf to do the job right the first time. If you are interested in hiring NewRuf for your roofing project, please feel free to contact us today.