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GAF Energy Timberline Solar Shingles

GAF Energy Timberline Solar Shingles: Your Energy-Saving Roofing Solution in Central Texas

We’re proud to introduce a game-changer in roofing technology, the GAF Energy Timberline Solar Shingles. These shingles offer a perfect blend of aesthetics, energy savings, and durability.

The Timberline Solar™ system is an innovative solution that harnesses the beauty of shingles and the power of solar energy. Unlike conventional solar panels or hefty tiles, these are actual shingles – robust, water-shedding, and capable of withstanding winds of up to 130 mph.

A Roof That's Warranted and Trusted

Traditional rack-mounted solar installations often involve drilling multiple holes into your roof, potentially causing damage that’s typically not covered by roof warranties. With Timberline Solar™, you won’t have to worry about such issues. Echoing the quality and reliability synonymous with GAF products, Timberline Solar™ comes with a wind and water-shedding warranty similar to the acclaimed Timberline HDZ.

Power Your Home with the Sun

With Timberline Solar™, your house can generate electricity every hour the sun shines. You don’t need to understand the technicalities to appreciate this – all you need to know is that it’s met stringent industry standards, including the UL 7103 certification. This certification signifies that an independent company with over a century’s worth of experience has subjected it to rigorous testing.

Seamless Installation and Potential Savings

A solar roof from Timberline Solar™ is not just a product, but a comprehensive solution for your residential property. It’s one design, one installation, managed by one dedicated crew. The proposition is straightforward – a roof that could potentially pay for itself over time by generating energy for your home and reducing your monthly electric bills.

The World's First Nailable Solar Shingles

Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingles is the world’s first nailable solar shingle system. This revolutionary design simplifies installation, requiring only a nail gun and some roofing expertise.

Discover how cost-effective residential solar shingles can be. Unearth the economical power of the sun from our comprehensive price guide.

How Do These Solar Shingles Work?

Direct Solar energy conversion

These shingles harness the power of the sun and convert it into electricity. This is possible due to the photovoltaic cells embedded within each shingle.

Integration with the Grid

The energy generated can be directly used, stored in a battery system, or sent back to the electric grid.

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