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5 Austin Roofing Types You Should Consider

As area home values continue to rise and population continues to swell, homeowners are treating their roofs as a vital part of their valuation process.
Homeowners in Austin and Central Texas typically want to see their roofs not only prevent water from entering their home, but be energy efficiency, have curb appeal, and have longevity.
Austin Roofing systems that are installed properly and are well maintained typically only need to be replaced once in your lifetime.

When that time comes, there are 5 roofing types that Austin homeowners should consider.

3 Tab Shingles

3 tab shingles are the traditional roofing type seen in the Greater Austin area. They are made of different composite materials and are also commonly known as composite shingles. 3 tab shingle roofs offer basic protection and are perfect for limited budgets. They also have mid range or pro-rated lifetime warranties from most manufacturers.

Specialty Shingles

Specialty Shingles are upgraded versions of the 3 tab shingles. They provide Austin homes with superior performance when it comes to impact resistance for area hailstorms. Customer can choose from many energy efficient Energy Star™ rated materials and thousands of designer looks with different color/material options.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs give Austin area homeowners and their neighborhoods an extremely sleek and luxurious look. Slate roofs are quarried from the best stone deposits all over North America. They perform so well that they come with up to a 100 year, full coverage warranty.

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing makes your roof truly perform for your home. It converts harsh Texas summer sun into usable electricity for heat and cooling systems. Today’s solar roofing systems are slimmer in profile and provide a sleeker look compared to older, clunky systems.

Flat & Low Slope Roofs

Flat & Low Slope Roofs are great ways to add extra usable square footage to your home, provide a substrate for rainwater collection or solar panels, or function as entertainment spaces for guests. Flat and low slope roofs are typically found on commercial buildings, but recent design trends have incorporated them into residential roofing systems. Professional Austin roofers have a custom roof designer on staff who can design a complete new look.