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Commercial Roofing in Leander, TX

At NewRüf, we offer outstanding commercial roofing services in Leander, Texas. We provide roof repairs, replacements, and maintenance at an honest price. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your commercial roof in Leander!

Commercial Roof Repairs

We are the commercial roofing contractors you need for quality roof repair services. We perform fast repairs for our commercial clients to ensure their roofs are in the best condition possible. Scheduling a repair service protects your roof from the general wear and tear of life and the damage that extreme weather conditions can cause.

Are parts of your roof broken, rusted, cracked, or damaged? Call our trusted team for reliable commercial roofing repair services in Leander, TX. Neglecting a roof repair can lead to problems for other areas of your home’s exterior, our emergency services can help.

Your roof is only as good as the contractors who install and repair it. When you contact us for roof repair, we’ll only use the highest quality materials and roof industry expertise. Let us help you with your next roofing project because we understand how to protect your investment.

Our Commercial Roofing Contractor Will Replace Your Old Roof

A good commercial roofer in Leander, TX, understands the importance of inevitable roof replacement. We may suggest roof replacement services if we cannot repair your roof. Our roofing contractors will install a commercial roof replacement in no time and will walk you through all the materials and styles we offer.

When it’s time to schedule commercial roof replacement, contact our roofing team for the best roof installation services. We have worked on many commercial buildings and are ready to help yours. Materials we offer for our commercial roofing services include:


A shingle roofing system is one of the most common choices for a roof replacement or repair service. Our commercial contractors recommend shingle roofs because they are affordable, easy to install, and protective against the elements. Our roofers also provide shingles in many styles and colors.


Metal is an excellent choice for commercial roof installation and works well for manufacturing facilities. A metal roof looks stunning, lasts for many years, and can decrease your energy costs. Metal is a highly popular and durable material that clients like for our roofing services.


Flat roofs are increasingly popular in the new construction of commercial buildings. Our roofing company can recommend how to properly maintain yours. Contact us when you need service for your flat-roof building in Leander.


Slate commercial roofing systems can last for over 70 years with proper care and are favorable for many construction projects.

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Maintenance Services for Commercial Roofing Systems

One of the most vital commercial roofing services your business needs is roof maintenance. Caring for your roof doesn’t end after our roofers perform the installation. Commercial roof maintenance keeps your roof in great condition for longer than you might expect.

Commercial roofing systems can outlast their lifespan when you have an upkeep plan with our team. We will inspect your roofing system and service all vulnerable areas. Our contractors look for any signs of damage and repair even the most minor concerns.

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"The process was straight forward and so easy to understand. Mike and his team know what customer service really means."
"I just wanted to say thanks to Chris. His inspection found several issues with our building's roof that we didn't even know were there. He really saved us from a complete replacement."
"When our home was getting hammered in the last storm, you guys were the only ones that responded. You were accessible and helped us in the middle of the storm."
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Are you looking for honest and affordable roofing services from a reputable business? Our commercial roofing contractors can find the most cost-effective option for your building, enhancing its appearance and improving safety.

Whether you need roof replacement or repairs, we’re here to help you with our fast turnaround times and commitment to quality.

NewRüf is a Leander, TX, business with the best commercial roofing contractors in the area. We care for our clients and have years of industry experience to support your commercial roofing needs. Call us at (512) 642-6005 to book commercial roofing services in Leander.