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Homeowners put their trust in our roofing company because we go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. We serve San Marcos, TX, and other nearby locations, so contact us today!

The Best Roofs in San Marcos

Natural wear and tear, extreme weather, and other mishaps can damage your roof. Getting professional repairs and replacements ensures continued protection against structural damage. Additionally, a new roof increases your home’s curb appeal and value.

When you notice damage to your roofing, hire our professional roofers at NewRüf. As the top-rated roofing company in San Marcos, our contractors know how to serve your roofing needs. Contact our business for a roofing project to join our satisfied customers.

Top-Rated San Marcos Roofing Company

Your roof attaches to complex structural features of your home, like siding and gutters. An inexperienced or unqualified team without the resources to service your roof could cause damage to these structures.

Our clients benefit from the services of the top-rated roofing company in the community. Our insured, dedicated roofing experts maintain our reputation with incomparable workmanship and focus on details for project success. Contact our contractors to begin the repair or replacement process.

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San Marcos Commercial Roofing Services

Comprehensive Services for Any Roofing Project

Homeowners seeking a roofing company should look for businesses offering comprehensive services and a track record of good work. Roofing company employees should understand the techniques and tools required to get any roofing project completed.

At NewRüf, our roofers promise to execute good work on every project. Our roofing company maintains an excellent reputation in the local industry for professional service, high-quality workmanship, and an efficient process.

Roof Repair in San Marcos

Roofing repairs are complex, dangerous jobs that require an experienced contractor. Attempting roofing work could damage your home and cause injuries.

Hire a contractor from NewRüf for your San Marcos roofing repairs. Our insured professionals repair shingles, flashing, chimneys, and roofing structures. As the top-rated roofing company serving communities near San Marcos, our team won’t rest until we fully repair your roof.

Roof Maintenance in San Marcos

Preventative maintenance can identify roofing issues before they develop into major problems. A trained roofing contractor can repair developing damage during maintenance and avoid more expensive work.

Homeowners who purchased roofing maintenance noticed improved curb appeal and energy efficiency. Our experts offer excellent maintenance and promise to repair any potential issues.

Roof Replacement in San Marcos

Some disrepair could require a roofing company to perform a complete replacement.


Roofing replacements require an understanding of installation practices. As a result, it’s essential to call a top-rated business for this work.

Insurance Inspection in San Marcos

If a natural disaster damages your roof, you’ll likely want to file an insurance claim to cover repair costs. Before filing these claims, hire a roofing company for an inspection.


Hiring a roofing company for an insurance inspection provides a stronger foundation for your claim. If you need an insurance inspection, our professionals will answer the call.

Roofing Materials We Service

Hiring a roofing company that understands your roof avoids damage and mistakes. Our roofing company serves shingle, tile, metal, slate, and flat roofs.


Composite and asphalt shingles adorn many residential and commercial locations. These low-maintenance and cost-effective materials offer excellent options for homes and businesses. Shingles are lightweight and offer aesthetic variation for properties. However, individual shingles can crack and break, requiring immediate repairs to keep your roofing functional.


Clay and concrete tiles offer weather resistance from the hot, dry Texas sun. Durable tiles can last up to 50 years without replacement. Tiles come in numerous styles and colors, making them ideal for modern homes. However, these heavier materials may require an additional foundation to support their weight.


Metal roofing is excellent for both residential and commercial properties. Installed in sheets, this energy-efficient material can lower your utility bills. Our company installs metal roofing on many buildings in the area. Manufactured in many colors, metal might offer a more custom look.


Slate roofing provides a slightly lighter-weight alternative to stone tiles. With a similar textured appearance and cold weather resistance, slate could be ideal for your property.


Flat roofs roll out in sheets on roofing. This material is common for commercial buildings.

Financing Your New Roof

Many homeowners worry about the cost of hiring a top-rated roofing company. Depending on the required services for your home, you may need to seek financial assistance.

Fortunately, we offer flexible financing options so every homeowner can afford to hire a qualified roofing company. With options to spread payments from one to 12 years, you’ll receive high-quality roofing work at an affordable rate.

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"When our home was getting hammered in the last storm, you guys were the only ones that responded. You were accessible and helped us in the middle of the storm."
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