• Bogle Composition Roof Replacement - After - NewRuf.com Roofing and Restoration Sandy Summers

    We recently had our roof replacement by NewRuf. They helped us work with our insurance company for the best outcome. The work was done quickly and professionally. Peter was the person we worked with, he was very knowledgeable, helpful, and really cared about taking good care of us. NewRuf will definitely be at the top […]

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  • Metal Roof - Roof Replacement - NewRuf.com Roofing & Restoration Paul Larussi

    This company sets the bar. From the sales to the service our experiences were always professional, respectable, and friendly. Our salesperson was Spence. It was a delight to work with such a trustworthy man. And it was an experience with Dan, the production manager. This is a testimony to a trustworthy business that must start […]

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  • german style house with orange tile roof Basic Terminology

    We provide expert guidance and take pride in being accessible to our clients and customers in our own local community. Here are some frequently used terms that identify components of your roof and types of roofing.   Built-up Roof A low-slope (or flat-seeming) roof covered with alternating layers of roofing felt and hot-mopped asphalt and [...] Continue Reading
  • NewRuf.com Roofing & Restoration - Metal Roof Restoration Metal Roof Restoration

    We highly recommend New Ruf!  They have made our 33-year-old metal roof look brand new.  From beginning to end, Mike Winot-Owner and Chris Bearden-Production Mgr. have walked side by side with us through the process of having our metal roof/gutters/downspouts cleaned, roof screws tightened or replaced and everything painted with DTM (direct to metal) high-quality […]

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  • NewRuf.com Roofing & Restoration - Metal Roof Restoration San Gabriel Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

    We used NewRüf Roofing and Restoration on our recent construction project. Our roof needed to be replaced as a result of wind and hail damage. There were also siding, painting, and interior water damage issues that needed to be addressed. We filed a claim with our insurance carrier and NewRüf was there to help us […]

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  • NewRuf - Insurance Deductible - Hutto Roofing Is Waiving or Absorbing a Deductible Unethical

    Waiving or absorbing deductibles is a practice that some roofing companies use to keep costs down for homeowners to help them save money for roofing projects. Essentially, waiving/absorbing a deductible involves a roofing company inflating the cost of a roof repair job so that the insurance company ends up slightly overpaying for the project. Then, […]

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  • NewRuf - Roof Pricing - San Marcos Roofing Price vs Quality

    When it comes to paying for any job, most people would like to get the lowest price possible. Roofing is no exception, and many homeowners who need to have their roof repaired or replaced simply seek to hire contractors or roofing companies who offer the lowest rates. The problem with cheap While going with the […]

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  • NewRuf - The Source of Roofing Leaks - Austin Roofing The Source of Most Roofing Repairs

    There are many different things that can cause damage to a roof. For example, hail, wind, direct sunlight, squirrels, etc., can all cause significant harm to a roof. As the years pass, more and more damage can accumulate to the roof, causing a need for a repair. However, even though many different natural events can […]

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  • San Marcos Roofing - Roof Maintenance Why San Marcos Roofers Recommend Routine Roof Maintenance

    Routine roof maintenance is not something most homeowners or property managers really think about. Yet, it is essential to preventing costly repairs and key to extending the lifespan of the roof beyond manufacturer warranty specs. Roof maintenance is easy to do and takes relatively little time if you're a trained professional or working with a [...] Continue Reading
  • Metal Roof - Cedar Park Roofing Why Metal Roofing is the Best Choice for Cedar Park

    As Central Texas continues to see population growth, many homeowners are realizing their dreams in areas like Cedar Park, TX. Many new home developments and communities have been springing up in the area, all with premium roof systems. This is because homeowners and property developers realize that buyers and sellers value roofing systems that guarantee [...] Continue Reading