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  • Get a new roof for $1000 dollars with NewRüf in Hutto, Texas $1,000 for a New Roof? We Can Do It.*

    How can a brand new roof be so inexpensive? Let us show you how. (512) 642-6005Message Us HOW DOES IT WORK? It sounds like science fiction, but the future is here… and you can benefit from it to the tune of thousands of dollars. How is this possible? It has to do with the use [...] Continue Reading
  • NewRuf - Roof Pricing - San Marcos Roofing Price vs Quality

    When it comes to paying for any job, most people would like to get the lowest price possible. Roofing is no exception, and many homeowners who need to have their roof repaired or replaced simply seek to hire contractors or roofing companies who offer the lowest rates. The problem with cheap While going with the […]

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  • Austin Roofing - Flat & Low Slope Roofs Austin Roofer Pricing Explained

    Austin area homeowners and property managers often do not understand how roof pricing is determined by their roofer. There are many factors that go into determining the price of a roof and when these factors are properly understood, homeowners and property managers can make better informed decisions on which Austin roofer they should choose. Every [...] Continue Reading