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Storm Survival Tactics for Commercial Roofs

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Chasing the Clouds Away: Understanding Commercial Roofing Emergencies

In case you didn’t know, over 70% of all commercial roof crises stem from severe weather episodes, such as typhoons and torrential downpours. Who would’ve thought Mother Nature could wreak such havoc, right! Commercial roofing emergency repair is therefore vital to grapple with the fallout of these stormy encounters. Recruiting professional roofing services to deal with it can help your business stay sheltered and dry.

Studying the Skies: The Importance of Routine Roof Inspections

As the wise ones at the National Roofing Contractors Association suggest, building proprietors must test the waters, or rather test the roofs, at least biannually. Ideally, these check-ups should occur in spring and fall to spot any rogue leaks or sly shingles before they RSVP to the emergency repair party. As the saying goes – prevention is better than cure, and preemptive roof inspections are the vaccine to an emergency roof fix.


In the business of buildings, nearly 40% of all building-related predicaments can be blamed on the mean Mr. Water leaks and damages. This makes the case for timely commercial roofing emergency repairs even more compelling. Regardless of whether the culprit is blistering, loose installation or improper waterproofing, it’s clear that unwanted moisture is a business owner’s worst nightmare.

The Calm Before the Storm: Preparing for Severe Weather

Alas, as any experienced roofer will tell you, weather is just as much about expectation as it is about preparation. While our friends at NewRuf can’t control the climate, we can certainly help mitigate its impact with a proactive approach to storm damage restoration. So, before the weather takes a turn for the worse, ensure you’ve got that emergency roof fix plan up your sleeve.


What’s that? It’s the sound of thunder cracking, the gust of wind howling, and your heart pounding. It’s time to confront the industrial roof crisis head-on. When the heavens open up, you’ll want a solid urgent roof maintenance plan to shield your commercial property from the tempest. Remember, time is of the essence, and the faster you act, the better your chances at steering clear of the leaky boat of water damage.

Riding it Out: Surviving the Aftermath

Once the storm subsides, it’s not quite time to let the sunshine in. Lingering issues may lurk beneath the surface, calling for a comprehensive check-up by professional roofing services. Why, you ask? Well, tackling these hidden hitches now might just save you from venturing down the slippery slope of severe weather roofing issues later on.

The Pull Yourself Together Post-Storm Playbook

1. Initiate swift contact with emergency repair team.

2. Document any visible damages for insurance purposes, but don’t play hero trying to climb on the roof yourself.

3. Maintain confidence in the professionalism of your roofing service to restore the sanctuary above your head.


How often should commercial roofs be inspected?

The National Roofing Contractors Association advises a minimum of two roof inspections per year, preferably in spring and fall.

What’s the main cause of commercial roofing emergencies?

Weather-related conditions, such as windstorms and intense rainfall, account for over 70% of all commercial roofing emergencies.

Why are timely emergency repairs important?

Preparing for and attending to emergency repairs swiftly helps prevent building-related problems, almost 40% of which result from water leaks and damages.

Until the Next Storm: Wrapping Up

In conclusion, no matter the weather, the name of the game is preparedness and prompt action. Regular check-ins on your roof, pre-storm prep, and efficient post-storm recovery all prove key to surviving a commercial roofing emergency. Now, armed with this knowledge and a dash of our quirky humor, you can face any storm fearlessly. As in life, so in roofing, it’s always best to tackle everything head-on, be it a mild drizzle or a torrential downpour. Always remember – NewRuf has got you ‘covered’.


Table of Contents

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