Residential Roofing

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Residential Roofing

Central Texas homeowners can dramatically reduce their energy bills during summer and winter with better performing roofing components. Residential roofing systems can also provide functional benefits for the home like solar energy and rainwater collection. EnergyStar™ rated materials provide the best performance and have tax incentives.

Residential roofing offers homeowners a unique opportunity to increase their home’s value by increasing curb appeal and guaranteeing roof lifespans of 50 years or more. Top materials from manufacturers like GAF offer lifetime warranties, giving homeowners peace of mind and protection throughout their lives.

Options that Build Value

Residential Roofs

Homeowners can choose from hundreds of material, color, and pattern combinations. Each roofing type offers many different possibilities and choices unique to the roofing type and shape.

Residential Roofing Systems

Composition (Shingle) Roofs

The most common and popular roofing type due to lower installation costs.

Metal Roofs

Long lasting, energy efficient, and easy to maintain roof type.

Slate Roofs

Roofing that utilizes slates instead of shingles for a very sleek look that is impact-resistant.

Tile Roofs

Roofing that utilizes tiles instead of shingles for a very uniform look, great for many different home styles.

Flat / Low-Slope Roofs

Roofs great for secondary uses like solar collection, unique outdoor spaces, and entertainment.

Residential Roof Longevity


Proper roof maintenance requires routine debris removal, cleaning, and annual inspection by a trained professional. Maintenance prevents costly roof repairs.


Manufacturers provide material warranties that range from 10 years to lifetime coverage. Roofs are also backed by installation or labor warranties by roofers themselves.


Roof repairs when done according to manufacturer specification will prevent total replacement and retain the original warranty.

Essential Roofing System Components

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New Rüf Roofing & Restoration - GAF Woodlands Designer Shingles
New Rüf Roofing & Restoration - GAF Timberline Cool Series Shingles
New Rüf Roofing & Restoration - GAF Timberline American Harvest Shingles
New Rüf Roofing & Restoration - GAF Sienna Designer Shingles
New Rüf Roofing & Restoration - GAF Grand Sequoia Shingles
New Rüf Roofing & Restoration - GAF Camelot Designer Shingles