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Roof Options Organized by Budget

San Marcos homeowners and property managers have access to a multitude of roof types, shapes, and materials to fit any budget. Our budget-conscious roof designs do not compromise on longevity, appearance, or warranties. Lifetime roofing systems provide maximum value for investment or multi-generational properties.

San Marcos Roof Types

We offer a variety of roof types to meet the visual and structural needs of your home or business. From composite (shingle) roofs to metal roofs and many more, NewRüf can help you decide on the perfect roof. We have attractive roof options that are also high performing and extremely durable.

Roof Repair

Roof repairs should be done exactly to manufacturer specification. This ensures the original warranty remains intact, prevents future leaks in the same location, and leaves the rest of the roof undisturbed. All repair work should be backed up by a minimum of 6 month workmanship coverage.

Emergency Roofing

The Central Texas area is known for its severe weather patterns which bring hail, high winds, and wind-driven rain. Emergency roofing in San Marcos usually requires tarping and temporary leak fixes to be placed over the  damaged components until weather lightens enough to allow repair.

Roof Maintenance

Proper roof maintenance for homeowners and property managers helps prevent repair, extends the lifespan of the roof, and keeps the home or building looking younger, longer. Maintenance is the key to staving off costly repairs from storm damage that would normally not occur.

San Marcos Roof Installation

If your roof is nearing the end of its life, you can turn to the professionals at NewRüf. We understand that a new roof installation is a long-term investment. We can help you choose from a vast selection of roof types and materials to find the roof that best suits you.

Metal Roofing in San Marcos

In addition to being a visually stunning option, metal roofing is also extremely durable, withstanding the abrasive Texas heat. This means you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a metal roof for years to come. We’re here for you whenever you’re ready.

HITEK Roof Inspections

As a San Marcos resident, you’re familiar with the unexpected threat of a Central Texas storm. If you’ve been hit by hail or high winds, we offer an extremely thorough HITEK roof inspection. We can also work with your insurance to make your roof repairs a breeze.

San Marcos Commercial Roofing Services

As a business owner, you have bigger things to worry about than the condition of your commercial roof. That’s where NewRüf steps in. From repairs to maintenance, to full roof replacements, we can work with you to keep your building in shape.

We can also help you take advantage of tax benefits by converting your empty roof space into a space that collects rainwater or solar power. With each commercial roofing project, we utilize weather and impact resistant materials to ensure your roof can stand the test of time.

As a trusted commercial roofing company in San Marcos, you can count on NewRüf for any of your roofing concerns.

Residential Roofing Services in San Marcos

At NewRüf your comfort and safety are always at the front of our minds. We’re here every step of the way to answer any questions and ensure you choose the right roof for your specific needs and budget.

Our San Marcos roofing contractors offer excellent craftsmanship backed by the highest level of customer service. From simple repairs to regular maintenance, to an entire new roof installation, our roofing experts have your back.

If you’re ready to start your next roofing project, but your budget isn’t quite there, view our financing options. We’re doing everything we can to make our expert roofing services available to the residents of San Marcos.

So Easy...

``The process was straight forward and so easy to understand. Mike and his team know what customer service really means.``


``I just wanted to say thanks to Chris. His inspection found several issues with our building's roof that we didn't even know were there. He really saved us from a complete replacement.``


``When our home was getting hammered in the last storm, you guys were the only ones that responded. You were accessible and helped us in the middle of the storm.``