HITEK Roof Inspection

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Starter strip installed around perimeter or roof structure

Valleys installed properly

A proper reveal of field shingles to manufacturers specifications

Ice & Water shield properly installed to code

Underlayment properly installed

Rake Edges within >1 in. overhang

Rake Edges cut straight

Nailed to Manufacturers Specifications

Ridge installed properly with exposed nail heads sealed


Pipe Jacks installed properly

Furnace Cap, collar, and boot properly installed

Chimney Flashed to code

Roof/Wall connections flashed and sealed correctly

Roof Vents installed to code

Drip edge installed correctly


Pipe jacks painted to match shingle color

All other accessories reinstalled to customer satisfaction

Solar system reattached correctly

Satellite or TV Antenna reinstalled correctly

Ventilation properly installed to manufacturer specifications w/nail heads sealed


All Siding and Fascia clean

Decks and railings clean

Debris removed from yard and landscaping

Driveway and walkways swept

Yard rolled with magnet to remove loose metal and nails

Final yard inspection using a metal detector